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RMS is dedicated to honoring the contributions of our warriors, past and present, by preserving and sharing their legacy of service across various media platforms.

To that end, RMS invites you to take an active role in recognizing the contributions of the men and women serving on our behalf. With dwindling Defense budget dollars, there is little left to support programs that build morale, pride and unit cohesion. With the help of private sector sponsors, the unit-specific “Remember My Service” program will be gifted to a Command (selected by the sponsor) for presentation to each member of the Unit to thank them for their service to our country.

This commemorative is a full color, hardbound book, approximately 100 pages, with accompanying multimedia eBook for unrestricted sharing. This gift has been shown to improve morale, pride and unit cohesion—all critical components of maintaining our all-volunteer force.

All historical commemoratives are submitted to the Library of Congress Veterans History Project, Center of Military History, Naval Historical Foundation, Army Historical Foundation, National Guard Association, and National Guard Bureau Historical Services.

For specific sponsorship cost for either regional or national support, please contact us at: info@remembermyservice.com.

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