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Whether you are new or experienced with producing Unit/Command-specific historical commemoratives, RMS has developed a streamlined process for nearly a decade that works around your busy schedule.  We also provide you with your own Project Coordinator (PC) to guide you from first submission to final delivery.  Our streamlined submission process makes it easy for you to get us the necessary content, so we can create your commemorative for you.

On this page you will find links to several items that will help assist you in collecting, organizing, and submitting the content that will be included in your historical commemorative.

Your Content

Your RMS PC will provide you with a content checklist specific to your project.  Your content will include some or all of the following:

  • Photo images (current and historical)
  • Video footage (including any interviews)
  • Portrait photos
  • Chain of command
  • Unit history
  • Press coverage (print and broadcast) and much more.


Your photo images have to be good enough quality to print.  That usually means the highest-quality setting on your camera.  The video you collect (or produce) will also need to meet certain standards of quality. Your RMS PC will review options with you specific to your equipment.


RMS commemoratives set the standard for video interviews.  We have our own in-house production team that will professionally produce your final video interviews for your historical commemorative.  Your part is to get us the footage or "B-roll" to begin.  We have a list of interview questions to get you started.  We also have a fun and easy-to-follow video about how to do an interview that you can watch here.


RMS has several ways to accept the content you submit.  The best way is to send us a hard drive (which we will return), but we can also give you access via the internet through Dropbox or our FTP server.  Again, your RMS PC will walk you through submission.

Proofs and Delivery

Although RMS provides a full-service production team to produce your project, we involve you in the entire process with your input and a series of proofs.  We pride ourselves not only with the finest-quality product, but we deliver on-time to your doorstep.

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