“RMS is clearly the most rewarding and meaningful project
we have undertaken on behalf of our Soldiers in my
32 years of service.  The professional detail and
presentation captures not only the historical facts of a unit's
mobilization; but also the emotional context of this seminal
event in a service-members career.  It will certainly
be handed down as a family heirloom and cherished
by all those who have served so proudly.”

—COL Alfred C. Faber, Chief of Staff
Ohio Army National Guard (Retired)

“In my opinion, the RMS historical commemorative has such high
value that every Soldier, Sailor, and Airman in our Armed Forces
should have one for each unit in which they have served.  
In my 33 years of active duty, I wish that the kind of
commemorative that RMS offers had been available to me to
serve as documentation and a remembrance of my service.  
The RMS program should be given our full support—the
men and women of our Armed Forces deserve it.”

—Stephen P. Condon
Major General, U.S. Air Force (Retired)

“The Remember My Service program, as huge as it had to be to collect the amount of documentation, was nonetheless exceptionally detailed in the manner in which it was orchestrated. RMS has done the National Guard a great service in the collection and preservation of these unclassified Global War on Terror records.”

—Al Miller
Chief of Historical Services, National Guard Bureau

“Their (our soldiers) morale was one of my primary concerns
when I was in command, and the Remember My Service
program was one of my most important tools to
help me accomplish this.”

—MG (Ret.) Peter S. Cooke
U.S. Army Reserve

“Without a doubt the best loyalty-building practice between a
client or member in our case, is built upon an emotional connection
of some kind.  This Remember My Service project is the
epitome of emotion.  To be able to be a part of collecting
a personal history of service to this great nation and then making
it available to our men and women that are on the front line
of defense is an opportunity for emotion on our part and that
of our military credit union members that serve.  You can’t build
an emotional connection stronger than that. This project is
unsurpassed as a way to bring us and these members
together—and express our gratitude to them—in
a most emotionally connected way.”

—Brent Lawrence
Sr. VP/Chief Public Relations Officer

“I love it (the RMS Commemorative).  I wouldn't trade it for
anything else.  This is my legacy.  I don't know much about
my father and grandfather, but my children and grandchildren
will know a lot about me.”

—Staff Sergeant Dennis Boorman
NCO of the Year
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