Our Team Leadership
Sharlene Hawkes, President of Remember My Service
Sharlene Hawkes  |  President, RMS Productions
RMS President, Sharlene Hawkes founded the Remember My Service division of StoryRock, Inc., which today has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company.  She worked closely with the first RMS project at the 96th RRC, guiding the program’s mission and strategy through its development stages. Though relatively new to the Military market, Sharlene is no stranger to the power of Communication tools—she was one of the first women to work as a sportscaster for ESPN (1988-2004), covering such world-class events as World Cup Soccer, the French Open, World Cup Skiing, the Kentucky Derb—and Big 10 Football.  She holds a BS in Communication from BYU, and a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication from the University of Utah, and how could she live in Utah without being a big fan of Utah’s famous ski country?  Sharlene and her family (4 children) enjoy skiing and biking in the world-class Wasatch Range.

Daryl Guiver, Vice-President of Remember My Service
Daryl Guiver  |  VP of Operations, RMS Productions
Daryl Guiver joined StoryRock in 2001 managing the technology development and operations of the company.  Since 2010, Daryl has been focused on managing the Remember My Service operations. In that time, RMS has produced hundreds of publications and products for more than half a million service members and veterans throughout the nation.  Previous to StoryRock, Daryl earned a degree in Communications and worked in the on-air Promotions Department at CBS and then as the Director of Marketing for the Tahiti Tourist Promotions Board. After getting an MBA at Brigham Young University, Daryl was a management consultant at the Praxis Group for 6 years, working exclusively with Fortune 500 companies such as Ford Motor Company and AT&T to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.  Daryl has also been the Director of Product Development and Technology of two Internet companies.
Elayne Harmer, Sr. Marketing Executive of Remember My Service
Elayne Harmer  |   Managing Editor
Elayne Harmer has been a communications specialist since earning a degree in English from Stanford University in 1987, and a law degree from the University of Utah in 1993.  Elayne was born in Argentina and spent much of her youth living in South America. She has worked in both broadcast and print journalism, and was an attorney for the Salt Lake City law firm of Fabian and Clendenin, specializing in employment litigation.  In 1995, Elayne became legislative counsel to Senator Slade Gorton (R-WA) in Washington, D.C., advising him on issues arising before the U.S. Senate Labor Committee.  In her spare time, Elayne enjoys hiking, writing, and Argentine cooking. Elayne and her husband, David, and their four children live in Salt Lake City.
Darren Nelson, Creative Art Director
Darren Nelson  |  Creative Director
Darren has managed all design work with RMS and our parent company StoryRock since 2002.  He brings over 25 years of experience as a professional designer to our team.  He is an accomplished web designer, layout artist, illustrator, copywriter, and fine artist. Before coming to us, he worked as the Creative Services Manager for Herff Jones Yearbook Publishing, self published several travel and real estate magazines, and worked as a book cover designer for several publishing houses.  Darren was also the senior designer behind several celebrity clothing lines, including Rush Limbaugh, Muhammad Ali, and the NBA.  His illustrated book cover clients include Avon, Reader’s Digest, and Houghton Mifflin publishing.  Darren has a BFA from Utah State University in Visual Arts and two AAS degrees from Salt Lake Community College. Darren is a movie buff and football fanatic that enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.
Ike Hall, Project Manager
Ike Hall  |   Production Manager
Ike Hall, a Project Manager for RMS, spent five years in the U.S. Army.  As a Military Police officer, he served two tours to Baghdad in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Ike is very proud of his work at RMS, putting his passion and support of the military into his projects.  He is honored to have helped share the story of over 14,000 soldiers with their commemoratives.  A strong advocate for Vets and their families, Ike is a proud member of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and believes that “no one gets left behind” is equally important once a veteran comes home.  Ike frequently volunteers his time at the VA Medical Center and community events supporting the troops. Ike and his two sons live in Salt Lake City.  In addition to enjoying the excellent fishing the Utah backcountry offers, he has a passion for the culinary arts.
Brandon Young, Video Production Manager
Brandon Young  |  Video Production Manager
Brandon came to RMS in 2009 highly experienced in video and multi-media in various capacities on film and video productions as director, writer, producer, cinematographer, and editor.  He had previously worked for TechMedia Network and launched their video productions team.  He was also a key team member for Solar Shock Pictures, earning several awards and nominations in recognition of their film projects over 7 years.  He was nominated for the Utah Power & Industry Awards and gained 7 nominations collectively for the Filmed in Utah Awards, both in 2011. In his spare time, Brandon founded the motion picture production company, Entropy Pictures. Brandon and his wife have three sons and live in Ogden.  His hobbies include spending time with his family and friends, working in the yard, rollerblading and biking.
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