Anniversary Commemorations

We take the “remembering business” seriously.  RMS has a demonstrated history of working with government and private industry to create first class historical commemoratives that remember our nation's heroes from the past.  Our most recent success was the distribution of 250,000 free books to our Korean War Veterans and their families. We not only put our own resources and team of professionals to research, design, and publish a beautiful 176-page book, but we also produced a feature length documentary honoring veterans of the Korean War that was selected to be featured at the 2014 G.I. Film Festival.  Moreover, RMS coordinated the financing of the project from public and private industries in South Korea, and the free distribution of the books in all 50 states.

Our newest project is a 50-year commemoration honoring veterans of the Vietnam War. If you are interested in helping sponsor this great project, please click here.

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