To Honor and Remember
Our Vietnam Veterans
“A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces, but also
by the men it honors, the men it remembers.”
—John F. Kennedy

Remember My Service Productions—an official commemorative partner of the Department of Defense Vietnam War 50th Commemoration—is dedicated to honoring and remembering our veterans.  On behalf of a non-profit coalition of the Naval Historical Foundation, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, we invite national and state sponsors to take an integral role in paying tribute to those who served during the Vietnam War.


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To honor and remember 7-plus million Vietnam Veterans in a personal and meaningful way is a monumental task… and we have done it before.  On Veterans Day 2013, Remember My Service Productions spearheaded an unprecedented national recognition project to honor 250,000 Korean War Veterans nationwide.  A hardbound 160-page book Korea Reborn was presented as gifts to these veterans during community ceremonies hosted by a variety of organizations, including state and city Veterans Affairs, state National Guard units, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Korean War Veterans Association, and other veterans service organizations.  The feature-length documentary “The Remembered War” soon followed with its national screening premiere at the GI Film Festival in Washington, D.C., on Memorial Day 2014.  The overwhelming positive response continues to pour in through phone calls, emails, and letters.  Click here to see what people are saying about Korea Reborn.

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Because of the substantive and healing impact this gift had on the veterans of the “forgotten war,” Remember My Service Productions is once again coordinating a national effort to recognize the veterans of an even more controversial and painful war in the history of America, the Vietnam War.  This Commemorative gift will include:

  • A hardbound, 160-page book, A Time to Honor: Stories of Duty, Service and Sacrifice
  • A feature-length documentary, A Time to Heal: Still “Coming Home” After 50 Years
  • An interactive eBook with no sharing restrictions, and hundreds of additional pages of statespecific stories of Vietnam Veterans
  • Digitized archives with online access of all Vietnam-era Division magazines

The previous gift to the Korean War veterans was fully funded by the generous companies and individuals of Korea.  This time, for our American warriors who were not even welcomed home 50 years ago, this gift must come from the American people.  Over the last 12 years of today’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, America has learned how to welcome home our troops with full honors and respect, regardless of how they feel about the policies of war.  The 50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War is the optimal time to finally show our Vietnam Veterans we have learned from our mistakes, and place the highest value on their willingness to serve and sacrifice.

  • Produce and distribute 7-plus million commemoratives as state-specific gifts to all Vietnam Veterans in each state
  • Arrange with each state to assist with commemorative distribution and presentation ceremonies (Distribution to be staggered during the peak commemorative years of 2015-2017, depending on the goals of each state’s Veterans Affairs Office)
  • Partner with the Library of Congress Veterans History Project to provide an searchable database archive of personal stories provided by Vietnam Veterans from each state (Each veteran will receive an official Library of Congress certificate stating his or her story is archived in the LOC)

We invite you to join us in this great American “thank you and welcome home” to the veterans who served in Vietnam 50 years ago.  Please contact:
Phone:  877-463-6924


RMS is an official Vietnam War 50th Commemoration Partner

A full-color, 160-page book to be distributed as a gift to Vietnam War Veterans and their families. (Above image shows prototype.)  A feature-length documentary and an interactive eBook will also be produced.
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Korea Reborn was distributed to over a quarter-million Korean War Veterans and their families.
The feature-length documentary “A Remembered War” was selected for the GI Film Festival
“Korea Reborn will always
be a prized possession”

The letter above is one example of the hundreds of letters, emails, and phone calls that RMS has received. Click here to ENLARGE the letter Click here to read more comments from grateful veterans and their families.
“It is my treasure!!”
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